The RCA 12AX7A is the finest of the USA-Made preamp tubes. This is the genuine-made-in-USA tube, not a fake, rebrand. It was voted one of the best sounding 12AX7s in the Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine 12AX7 shootout in VTV Issue #14. This tube was standard equipment in 1950-60s Ampeg, Fender, Gibson, Magantone, McIntosh, Fisher, HH Scott, Supro, Valco, etc amps. This is a superb tube for V1 in most guitar amps, very smooth, sweet, and dynamic with great tonal characteristics. This tube is the medium length grey plate for lowest noise and lowest microphonics. All tubes are in original boxes and each is hand-selected for lowest noise and lowest microphonics for trouble-free operation and long life (10,000 hours).
  • Finest USA New Old Stock 12AX7 Dual Triode for Quality Tone in Guitar Amps and Musical Sonics in Hi-Fi Amps and Preamps
  • Made with the highest quality in the 1950-60s in Harrison, NJ USA
  • Hand-Selected for lowest noise and microphonics, balanced triodes.
  • New in original RCA Factory Box – 10,000 hour+ lifetime. Genuine Vintage NOS USA Made Tube-THE REAL THING!
  • Original equipment in the best-sounding vintage guitar amps and hi-fi amps from the 1950s and 1960s