A New Wood Engraving – First Proof

This is the first progress proof of a small engraving I’ve been cutting this week. There’s still much work to be done, but the composition and tone are beginning to emerge. At the moment, the grain elevator in the background appears to be thatched. That will need to be refined.

The scene is not real. It was drawn from a model that I composed with N-scale (1:160) structures – ones normally used for a model railroad.



The RCA 12AX7A is the finest of the USA-Made preamp tubes. This is the genuine-made-in-USA tube, not a fake, rebrand. It was voted one of the best sounding 12AX7s in the Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine 12AX7 shootout in VTV Issue #14. This tube was standard equipment in 1950-60s Ampeg, Fender, Gibson, Magantone, McIntosh, Fisher, HH Scott, Supro, Valco, etc amps. This is a superb tube for V1 in most guitar amps, very smooth, sweet, and dynamic with great tonal characteristics. This tube is the medium length grey plate for lowest noise and lowest microphonics. All tubes are in original boxes and each is hand-selected for lowest noise and lowest microphonics for trouble-free operation and long life (10,000 hours).
  • Finest USA New Old Stock 12AX7 Dual Triode for Quality Tone in Guitar Amps and Musical Sonics in Hi-Fi Amps and Preamps
  • Made with the highest quality in the 1950-60s in Harrison, NJ USA
  • Hand-Selected for lowest noise and microphonics, balanced triodes.
  • New in original RCA Factory Box – 10,000 hour+ lifetime. Genuine Vintage NOS USA Made Tube-THE REAL THING!
  • Original equipment in the best-sounding vintage guitar amps and hi-fi amps from the 1950s and 1960s


WordPress App 2.0 for iPhone

Installed this today on the in-app recommendation from WordPress 1.3.x, which I have used periodically over the past year. Thought I’d share my initial impressions of the new version.

Upon launching version 2.0 I was greeted with the blog user set-up panel, as if my blogs weren’t already set up in the previous version. No Cancel or Done available – only Save. I quit the app and realized that the new version did not install itself ‘over’ the old version. Consequently, I could still access my sites with the old version. While this install behavior is strange, it wasn’t a big deal for me to set up three sites again…just had to find those login credentials…

After typing that first paragraph I tapped Save and returned to the posts pane, where I started. Seems more responsive.

One bug: after setting up a new blog, when you return to the main blogs selection page, that new blog doesn’t appear in the list. If you quit the app and relaunch, it shows up. This happens each time with three blogs.

The most important user interface change is that you now have a bottom menu letting you move arbitrarily among posts, comments, and pages. No more back and forth through the list trees.

When editing a post, you bottom nav changes to these four options:

Write. The expected post editing form which include title, tags, categories, and post status, along with the new option of geotagging your post. I did that with this post, but don’t think my theme renders it…have to work on that.

Photos. Add and manage photos for the post

Preview. My theme ‘cannot be retrieved’. I wonder what the requirements are for true in-app previewing.

Settings. Publish date, password protection, resizing of photos

I noticed minor display bug: when saving a revision to a live blog post, I saw an empty (no label) left-arrow/back button, slightly misplaced in the upper left until the save was completed. This only happened once, the first time I encountered the scenario described. , the first time I saved a revision to a live post. No biggie.

I’m done for tonight. Must say this version of the Wordpres iPhone app feels better and more responsive throughout. Still wish I could reply to comments. And now, it’s easy to reply to comments!

Monotype Composition Caster Parts

Some of you who attended the ATF conference in Terra Alta, WV a few years ago may remember my presentation on the ‘Monotype’ Disaster. In short, the first caster I acquired was damaged during shipping. I’ve had it in storage ever since, with the intention of using it as a parts machine. In the mean time I obtained three additional casters – two fully functioning and another for parts. The costs of storing these large machines has finally forced my hand and I will be disassembling it and offering caster parts from the original machine. In fact, the damage to the first caster – though mortal – was restricted to a a very specific area. Most of the late-model british composition caster are in pristine condition.

If you are in need of Monotype Composition Caster parts, please contact me. I am particularly interested in trading parts for composition and display matrices, as well as wedges, stopbars, keybars and other tools of the typecasting trade.

Super Snark Sailboat

Super Snark Sailboat - Aft port view
Super Snark Sailboat - Aft port view

I just bought this sailboat, an 11′ Super Snark. I’ve wanted to learn to sail for a few years—this seemed like the perfect sailboat with which to start. It is purportedly unsinkable and very stable. The ABS clad EPS foam hull certainly seems very durable and indeed, could not possibly sink even if completely swamped.

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Geotagging Nature

Every now and then—well, every spring—I get the urge to go hiking, which to me means looking for interesting, beautiful, or uncommon flora and fauna. Over the years my interests have varied among ferns, fish, insects, birds, fungi, and trees. This year it’s back to the ferns and fern allies. I recently had the idea to start recording more data about my ‘discoveries’, and with the iPhone, GPS, camera, this blog, and geotagging, I could have a bit of geek fun recording it.
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