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Now that my website has been re-invigorated—if not beautified—I want to diversify and focus a bit in hopes of better leveraging my interests and skills. ‘Diversify and focus’ sounds somewhat contradictory, but the idea is to develop a few websites that address specific aspects of letterpress printing. By creating targeted content, each site should rank high for specific, related search terms, thereby generating highly qualified, but probably fairly light traffic. Each could become a platform for a community, for services, and for targeted advertising. Creating interest, building traffic and participation will, in turn, help to further develop the content. And so on.

The letterpress printing community already has a small number options on the Web, like Briar Press, LetPress, PPLetterpress, and the recently launched Typecasting Mailing List.

My new letterpress adventure begins with this site about letterpress type. Not much there yet, but it will grow.

One thought on “Letterpress on the Web”

  1. Hello:

    I am interested in this lot:
    T8: Honeycomb Base, 5″ x 7.5″
    T8 Two bases complete bases in new condition. No hooks included.
    Is this Honeycomb base still available? Will you accept $80.00 for the lot?
    Thanks! Jean

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