A Favorite Word


I have always liked the word relish. Maybe I enjoy any word that functions as both a noun and a verb, and where the noun is a concrete thing�skirt is another example. Anyway, I had some fun setting this word in 24-point Fournier Ornamented, and embellishing with a dazzling arrangement of 18-point Arrighi Ornaments. The florid, baroque appearance seems to fit the word: couldn’t it be the label on an old tin of minced sweet pickles?
Fournier type was cast by students, including myself, at Monotype University Five. The Arrighi Ornaments are the finely cast product of the Dale Guild.

A real typefoundry?

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it seems reasonably likely that I will obtain a Monotype Composition Casting Machine in the near future. I dreamed about making type for many years, even before I truly understood what it meant to make type in the traditional, 3-dimensional sense. Then, about 3 years ago, I was afforded an opportunity to spend a few days with Mike Anderson of the At Random Press Typefoundry, where my fate was apparently sealed. Working with the Thompson machine left me hungry for more. Upon Mike’s suggestion I enrolled in Monotype University 5, lead by Rich Hopkins. Here I learned that I could actually manage a composition machine—that it was within my grasp, both intellectually and mechanically. After all, it is a big, heavy, hot, greasy, complicated piece of machinery—especially for a guy who doesn’t make it a habit to change the oil in his own car!