Marketer, designer, and website developer; musician and recording engineer; student of letterpress printing and traditional hot-metal typecasting; enthusiast of art and nature; sailor of a tiny boat.

I sometimes turn up in odd places [this is sorely out of date]:

Electives, electric instrumental rock band
Trio Agave, Lancaster’s surf-tinged power trio
Drink the Long Draught, another band
Smiles, Everyone, yet another band
Against Type
Lancaster New Era, Antique and Collectibles feature story, October 12, 2007
Amalgamated Printers Association website
with an example of my letterpress work
Central Penn Business Journal
upon my hire at Develisys
Galley Gab
a photo of me at the Monotype OA (Orphan Annie) typecaster.
Central Penn Business Journal annual awards gala
Develisys was a finalist for emerging business of the year
in a photo from the American Typecasting Fellowship Conference in Terra Alta, WV

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