Microphone Mechanics: Specifications for Stands, Fixtures, and Attachments

This article is about the physical equipment required to place professional microphones on stage for a live performance or in the studio for recording. Electrical and signal considerations are not our concern here. What we care about right now are the mechanics of securely and reliably positioning a microphone in front of a sound source. This is about bases, stands, booms, thread adapters, clips, and shock mounts.

Microphone Stands


  • Solid
    • Round
    • Nesting/stackable
  • Tripod
  • Mobile/rolling


5/8 Tubing

  • Outside Diameter: 5/8 inch (0.625 inch)
  • Threading: #27, i.e., 27 tpi (threads per inch)

7/8 Tubing

Typical for mic stand bases.

  • Outside Diameter: 7/8 inch (0.875 inch)
  • Threading: #27, i.e., 27 tpi (threads per inch)

Microphone Fixtures

Among the most common microphone fixtures is the 5/8 male to 3/8 female adapter. This item is often supplied with SM-57 style microphone clips and is notorious for getting stuck inside those same clips.

Thread standards for microphone fixtures:

  • 5/8 inch – 27 TPI – USA standard
  • 1/2 inch – 12 TPI (apparently found in older European stands and/or microphones)
  • 3/8 – 16 TPI European Standard (While not a standard fitting specification in the US, adapters are readily available and are often provided with microphone clips. The UNC equivalent is used for heavy camera equipment in photographic fittings).
  • 1/4 inch – 20 TPI (BSW) compatible with UNS, a US standard common in photographic fittings, e.g. tripods.

Microphone Clips

  • Spring-loaded clips
    • Octava style
  • Snap-fit clips
  • Compact shock clips

Microphone Shock Mounts

  • Elastic band
  • Rubber fitting
  • Articulated (lyre)

Microphone Fixture Arrangements

  • Stereo Bar
  • X-Y
  • ORTF
  • Mid-Side
  • Blumlein
  • SM57 + SDC
  • SM57 at 45°


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Letterpress Print Shop Sale Inventory

Here are the inventory and pricing for items from my letterpress shop. All items are as-is, where-is. Buyer is responsible for all rigging and transport. Click any thumbnail image for a full size photo. New items will be added as they are cataloged.

Are you looking for type casting equipment rather than printing equipment?


P1: Chandler & Price 12 x 18 New Style Platen Press, Serial Number D52769


Very clean, well maintained press includes 3 chases, 1 set of very good rollers, 1 set of roller cores; several types of gripper fingers; appropriately sized tympan paper, pressboard and packing; roller rack; pony ink reservoir; counter; Recently restored and rewound 1HP Kimble motor with belt.

$750 SOLD


P2: Kelsey 5 x 8 Model U Hand Platen Press


Late model in excellent condition. Includes 2 chases, 1 set or rollers which need to be recovered soon.



P3: Kelsey 5 x 8 Excelsior Hand Platen Press

Early model in very good condition. Two roller hooks replaced. Includes 2 chases, 1 set or roller cores.



P4: Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Ink Rollers


Two sets of 3 rollers from  New Style Press ; one set good rubber, one set need to be recovered

Make offer.


P5: Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Chases


Four chases available, all in excellent shape.



F1: Film Rack/Plate Rack/Drying Rack


Metal top and frame; 10 wooden slatted-bottom drawers; 35″ w x 33″ d x 40″ h; drawers open from both sides. Very solid build.



F2: Imposing Table


Homemade wooden cabinet with tool drawer and galley storage; 27″ x 14.25″ metal stone.

$100 SOLD


F3: Large Furniture Rack


Storage for furniture 10p through 120p, for 12 x 18 or larger press. Furniture included. Brass numbers. Very solid construction.

$125 SOLD


F4: Composing Stand


Newer model slant top with 12  two-thirds sized job cases. Type not included.



F5: Lead and Slug Cases


Two racks covering 4p through 30p; loaded with material.



T1: Panameric Hand Miterer


Excellent condition.



T2: Rouse Vertical Rotary Miterer


Includes long guides not shown in picture. Very accurate.

$200 SOLD


T3: C.B. Nelson Cost Cutter Model C Printer’s Saw


Excellent condition. Includes base cabinet, lamp, extended guide.

Make offer.


T4: Morgans & Wilcox 19″ Guillotine Cutter


Repaired. Could use some adjustment. Includes base.

$75 SOLD


T5: Copy Press


15.5″ x 20″ Platen

$50 SOLD


T6: Slug Cutter, Model ‘V’


Basic tool gets the job done.



T7: Solvent Plunger Cans


Four different cans. One is NOS.

Make offer.


T8: Honeycomb Base, 5″ x 7.5″


Two bases complete bases in new condition. No hooks included.



Type: Jobbing & Display Fonts

Jobbing Fonts

The vast majority of these fonts are distributed into small cases, but are largely, if not entirely, unused. Font strength (quantity) varies. Sold by the pound.


Font Available Sizes Notes
20th Century Bold 12
20th Century Italic 8
20th Century Medium 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24
Alternate Gothic 14, 24, 30, 42
American Text, Figs & Points 14 Used foundry type
American Text 24 Used foundry type
Bodoni Bold 8, 10, 12, 14, 18 SOLD
Bodoni Italic 8, 12 SOLD
Bodoni Roman 10, 12 SOLD
Bodoni Ultra 14, 24 SOLD
Century Schoolbook 6, 10 6pt NOS
Cloister Black 12 NOS
Cursive 14
Engravers Roman #1 6
Engravers Roman #2 6, 12, 24
Eurostile 24
Franklin Gothic 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 36
Franklin Gothic, Caps, Figs, Points 36
Kabel Bold 24
Lydian Bold 12, 24, 36
Modern Roman 8, 10 SOLD
News Gothic 8, 10
News Gothic CAPS 14
Spartan Medium 6
Spectrum 55 12 on 14
Swing Bold 18
Univers 53 30
Univers 55 8
Venus 10 Used foundry type

Letterpress Type Foundry Sale Inventory

Here are the inventory and pricing for items from my type foundry. All items are as-is, where-is. Buyer is responsible for all rigging and transport. Click any thumbnail image for a full size photo. New items will be added as they are cataloged.

Are you looking for printing equipment instead of type foundry equipment?


C1: English ‘Monotype’ Composition Caster, Serial Number 28345


Late model 16 x 17 English composition caster with Unit shift, Unit adding, Quadding & Centering; Display Attachment, Lead and Rule Attachments, specialist tools. Overhauled Varigear drive motor (3-phase, 220 V, 60Hz) and electric pot (single phase, 220 V). Includes 7/8 pump and piston. Automatic ingot feeder. Lighting attachment. Suitable for casting up to 36 point.

Provenance: Woodside Press Brooklyn NY, who acquired it from Harry McIntosh of Speedspools, Edinburgh, Scotland.



C2: English ‘Monotype’ Composition Caster, Serial Number 28562


Late model 16 x 17 English composition caster with Unit Shift, Quadding and Centring. Comes with some specialist tools. Varigear drive motor (3-phase, 220 V, 60Hz) and converted to electric pot (single phase, 220 V). Automatic ingot feeder. Lighting attachment.

Provenance: Heritage Printers, Charlotte, North Carolina.

$900.00 SOLD


C3: English ‘Monotype’ Composition Caster, Serial Number 26096


A 3-in-1 or ‘combination’ machine with old style gearbox. This machine is capable of casting composition and display, and can also be used to cast lead and rule (with proper attachment, available serparately). It was set up for 12 point composition when taken offline. Needs refurb and bull-gear repair, but complete; Electric pot.. Excellent compliment to C1 or C2 or as a parts machine.
Provenance: Woodside Press, Brooklyn NY, who acquired it from Mouldtype, Preston, UK.

$350.00, negotiable with purchase of C1 or C2.


C4: Lanston Monotype Keyboard Serial Number 11335


With 3 keybanks, various keybars, stop bars; justification spools

Provenance: Paul Deunsing, Georgia.

$400.00 SOLD


C5: English ‘Monotype’ Composition Caster Serial Number 28024. Parts Machine.


Late model English compo for parts only. Fully disassembled; Nearly all parts except main frame, chassis, motor, pot, and some pneumatic lines.

Free with C1 or C2. SOLD

Provenance: Paul Deunsing.


CX: Monotype Parts

Caster Parts

And I mean parts. This photo is just a taste. Buyer(s) of C1, C2, and C3 will have fun with my parts bins.


C6: Lanston Monotype Caster Bridge, serial number #7xxxx

Alternative way to cast Lanston composition matrices on an English machine without replacing the centering pin in the English bridge.

$100 SOLD


C7: English ‘Monotype’ Constant Height Composition Moulds.


Set of nine moulds, 5 point through 13 point. Very good condition.

$450 for full set. SOLD


C8: Lanston Monotype Composition Molds



C10: English ‘Monotype’ Varigear Drive Motor


Late model unit is excellent condition. Removed from a working machine.



C11: Monotype Old Style Gearbox Parts


Complete set of parts for rebuild or repair.

FREE with any caster purchase.


MCx: Composition Matrices



MDx: Display Matrices



Monotype Miscellany

Type pushers, etc.
Type pushers, etc.
Empty matrix cases
Empty matrix cases
Galley locks
Galley locks
Monotype display parts
Monotype display parts
Monotype centering pins and parts
Monotype centering pins and parts
Monotype parts
Monotype parts
Monotype tools
Monotype tools


S5 wedges
S5 wedges


Sorts mats and wedges
Sorts mats and wedges
Keybars, keybanks, justification spools
Keybars, keybanks, justification spools


Complete composition for Centaur and Arrighi 252, 10pt and 12pt
Complete composition for Centaur and Arrighi 252, 10pt and 12pt


Letterpress and Type Casting Items for Sale

The time has come for me to downsize my letterpress shop. I have too much equipment in my tiny shop and not enough space left over to pursue my varied creative interests. I still intend to maintain a print shop, but on a reduced scale.

While I have both printing and typecasting items on offer, this could be a particularly good opportunity for someone within driving distance of Lititz, PA to start or augment a small type foundry—as I’ve done you the favor or collecting high-quality Monotype equipment from all over the place. Or, to put it differently, a local sale would be very convenient for you and for me!

I’ll post inventory and asking prices here. In the meantime, here’s a run down of the key items…

Type foundry equipment.

  • One late-model British Monotype combination casting machine with unit-shift, unit adding, quadding and centring, display attachments, lead and rule attachment. Fully operational machine with electric melting pot and varigear drive from the famous Woodside Press in Brooklyn.
  • One rebuilt, late-model  British Monotype composition casting machine with display attachments. Fully functional machine with electric melting pot and varigear drive from the respected Heritage Printers in Charlotte, NC.
  • One British Monotype composition casting machine with electric pot and heavy gearbox. This unit came from the renown Mouldtype in the UK. Needs some work to be fully operational, but is complete.
  • Complete set of spare parts—enough to maintain the three good machines and still have enough left over to build a new machine from parts (well almost!).
  • Monotype composition keyboard.
  • A wide selection of keybars, stopbars and wedges.
  • All parts necessary to cast type from both Lanston (American) and Britsh monotype matrices (including a spare Lanston bridge, as well as virtually any type of foundry matrices. Several custom parts fabricated by Theo Rehak of the Dale Guild, who learned his craft at ATF.
  • All original Monotype tools: wrenches, spanners, pump piston extractor, microscope, spool winder, gauges. thermometer
  • Five gallons of original Monotype mould oil. (Really! It’s a lifetime supply.)
  • Moderate selection of casting matrices.
  • A few pigs of clean type metal. Couple hundred pounds of pi ready for remelt.
  • A mountain of documentation and manuals from 1916 though the 1980s.
  • 1930s Deckel pantographic engraving machine. Needs some work to be operational. (I was learning how to cut my own matrices, but just don’t have the time for it right now. SOLD.

Print shop equipment:

  • Chandler & Price ‘New Style’ 12 x 18 platen press. Belt-driven with 1 HP Kimble motor. Very clean and well maintained. Includes pony inker, three chases, 1 set of good rollers, spare set of roller cores.
  • Small Imposing table. Home-made but just right for this press.
  • Rouse Vertical Rotary Miterer
  • 19″ Morgans & Wilcox guillotine gutter
  • Kelsey Model U 5 x 8 hand platen press – like new, but rollers need recovering. Two chases.
  • CB Nelson Cost Cutter Model C printer’s saw.
  • Various hand tools of the trade.
  • Several sets of furniture and quoins suitable for small and large presses up to 12 x 18 or larger.
  • Two small manual proof presses
  • Copy press
  • Large variety of type in metal and wood
  • Flat files and ‘film’ cabinets/drying rack.

New Full-length Album from A Private Press

I’m proud to announce the release of the first full-length album made with my cohort, Nicola Dixon. After years spent working together in various indie-rock outfits, we set our sites on a different sound — something sincere, beautiful and sparse, but still richly textured. That effort resulted in a band called A Private Press, and an debut album called Risky. Imagine a very pure female vocal and lush electric guitar weaving curious tales of personal progress and change. Smooth, witty and biting, delivered on a human scale. We hope the album rewards the listener on multiple levels. Better yet, don’t imagine it. Listen to it.

My Band’s New EP Released

Listen to it. Buy it.

Goldbrick highlights Smiles, Everyone’s spirited command of art-rock theory and power pop punch. Jangly guitars layered over deft basslines and disciplined percussion create perfect structures for Nicola Dixon’s expansive vocal range and exquisite storytelling. Thematically, Goldbrick celebrates the awkward duality of living with a briefcase in one hand and a guitar case in the other. Smiles, Everyone capture this notion beautifully in their latest single Debbie Harry, an addictive, catchy gem that sets the pace for this impressive EP.

A New Wood Engraving – First Proof

This is the first progress proof of a small engraving I’ve been cutting this week. There’s still much work to be done, but the composition and tone are beginning to emerge. At the moment, the grain elevator in the background appears to be thatched. That will need to be refined.

The scene is not real. It was drawn from a model that I composed with N-scale (1:160) structures – ones normally used for a model railroad.