Develisys Steps Out

After much effort on the part of everyone at the company, Develisys, where I spend most of my time, has launched a new website. It’s a big step forward…a better articulation of what we offer to businesses discovering they need to pay more attention to web marketing.

The new site gives us a great platform for deploying our own marketing efforts and I think the process has given the entire team a renewed vigor and introspection. It’s time to become known!

Websites I Built

Updated 12/26/2012.

I hope to build websites that are useful, effective, accessible, interesting, and good looking. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, large and small, for corporations, professionals, artists and craftspeople. For several great years, I applied my design, marketing, and user experience skills at Develisys. Today, I direct the marketing efforts here.

Here are a few website projects I worked on in the past:

Select non-web projects for a former employer, Ritter, Inc., where I served as art director:

Image & Type


Some wood type in the composing stick. I perpetually grapple, doodle, diddle, shuffle and fret over the words that might describe what I do. “Image & Type” is one recent candidate. It sets a nice tone, I think, but it still needs to be qualified by a title like

Ian Schaefer, Designer & Letterpress Printer.

Yet does any of this fairly cover my efforts in web design? Brand identity?



Trichrome is a simple interactive diversion that I made back in 1996, when using HTML frames was still really cool (I thought). While neither a game nor a tool, Trichrome could be useful to a few, entertaining to others, and numbingly dull to the rest. This is an excercise in basic HTML. It requires only a frames-capable browser and a delight in color. There are at least 17,550 possible variations. Instructions should not be necessary.

Special Note, 02/10/05—Color frames are adjustable! Click and drag the frame border between colors in order to change the amount (relative surface area) of color. Thanks to Douglas Campbell for indicating to me that this is a cool feature that is not at all obvious.

Start Trichrome