Letterpress Print Shop Sale Inventory

Here are the inventory and pricing for items from my letterpress shop. All items are as-is, where-is. Buyer is responsible for all rigging and transport. Click any thumbnail image for a full size photo. New items will be added as they are cataloged.

Are you looking for type casting equipment rather than printing equipment?


P1: Chandler & Price 12 x 18 New Style Platen Press, Serial Number D52769


Very clean, well maintained press includes 3 chases, 1 set of very good rollers, 1 set of roller cores; several types of gripper fingers; appropriately sized tympan paper, pressboard and packing; roller rack; pony ink reservoir; counter; Recently restored and rewound 1HP Kimble motor with belt.

$750 SOLD


P2: Kelsey 5 x 8 Model U Hand Platen Press


Late model in excellent condition. Includes 2 chases, 1 set or rollers which need to be recovered soon.



P3: Kelsey 5 x 8 Excelsior Hand Platen Press

Early model in very good condition. Two roller hooks replaced. Includes 2 chases, 1 set or roller cores.



P4: Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Ink Rollers


Two sets of 3 rollers from  New Style Press ; one set good rubber, one set need to be recovered

Make offer.


P5: Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Chases


Four chases available, all in excellent shape.



F1: Film Rack/Plate Rack/Drying Rack


Metal top and frame; 10 wooden slatted-bottom drawers; 35″ w x 33″ d x 40″ h; drawers open from both sides. Very solid build.



F2: Imposing Table


Homemade wooden cabinet with tool drawer and galley storage; 27″ x 14.25″ metal stone.

$100 SOLD


F3: Large Furniture Rack


Storage for furniture 10p through 120p, for 12 x 18 or larger press. Furniture included. Brass numbers. Very solid construction.

$125 SOLD


F4: Composing Stand


Newer model slant top with 12  two-thirds sized job cases. Type not included.



F5: Lead and Slug Cases


Two racks covering 4p through 30p; loaded with material.



T1: Panameric Hand Miterer


Excellent condition.



T2: Rouse Vertical Rotary Miterer


Includes long guides not shown in picture. Very accurate.

$200 SOLD


T3: C.B. Nelson Cost Cutter Model C Printer’s Saw


Excellent condition. Includes base cabinet, lamp, extended guide.

Make offer.


T4: Morgans & Wilcox 19″ Guillotine Cutter


Repaired. Could use some adjustment. Includes base.

$75 SOLD


T5: Copy Press


15.5″ x 20″ Platen

$50 SOLD


T6: Slug Cutter, Model ‘V’


Basic tool gets the job done.



T7: Solvent Plunger Cans


Four different cans. One is NOS.

Make offer.


T8: Honeycomb Base, 5″ x 7.5″


Two bases complete bases in new condition. No hooks included.



Type: Jobbing & Display Fonts

Jobbing Fonts

The vast majority of these fonts are distributed into small cases, but are largely, if not entirely, unused. Font strength (quantity) varies. Sold by the pound.


Font Available Sizes Notes
20th Century Bold 12
20th Century Italic 8
20th Century Medium 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24
Alternate Gothic 14, 24, 30, 42
American Text, Figs & Points 14 Used foundry type
American Text 24 Used foundry type
Bodoni Bold 8, 10, 12, 14, 18 SOLD
Bodoni Italic 8, 12 SOLD
Bodoni Roman 10, 12 SOLD
Bodoni Ultra 14, 24 SOLD
Century Schoolbook 6, 10 6pt NOS
Cloister Black 12 NOS
Cursive 14
Engravers Roman #1 6
Engravers Roman #2 6, 12, 24
Eurostile 24
Franklin Gothic 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 36
Franklin Gothic, Caps, Figs, Points 36
Kabel Bold 24
Lydian Bold 12, 24, 36
Modern Roman 8, 10 SOLD
News Gothic 8, 10
News Gothic CAPS 14
Spartan Medium 6
Spectrum 55 12 on 14
Swing Bold 18
Univers 53 30
Univers 55 8
Venus 10 Used foundry type

13 thoughts on “Letterpress Print Shop Sale Inventory”

  1. I am interested in some of the print shop materials you have for sale and would love to come check them out. I am a member of the .918 club and am located in Lebanon so anytime you are available I could shoot over to check the stuff out.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hello. I am interested in the T1, Panameric Hand Miterer. Has it sold yet? If not, I’d like it. Can this be shipped in a USPS – Priority Mail Flat Rate Box?

    Thank you for offering these items,

    David Damico

  3. I work at at print shop in North Little Rock ARKANSAS.
    We have an old Heidelberg cylinder press 28″. We use for die cutting we are in need of furnitures for it (wood or metal or both)
    If you know were we may find some please contact me by email or phone (501-350-4223). Thank you.

  4. How much are you selling your lead typeface for per lb. For the right price I would buy a LOT of it if we could work out reasonable price. Also feasibility of shipping to Washington State.
    Please let me know.

    THank you,


  5. I see that this hasn’t been updated in years, but I’ll try my luck anyhow.

    I would like both C&P 10×15 chases.

    Depending on your prices, I am also interested in some of the type:
    Kabel Bold 24
    News Gothic 8,10
    News Gothic CAPS 14
    Univers 53 30
    Univers 55 8


  6. I see this is an old listing but taking a shot anyhow, looking for a Nelson Cost Cutter printers saw. Let me know if still available.


  7. hi, i am interested in one set with a 3 rubber rolls of Chandler & Price 10 x 15 Ink Rollers, what would be your price for the good rubber ones? and how much for the second set ? and if you know what is the rubber rolls hardness in shore ?

  8. Is there any chance any of these items are still available? Looking for parts for my own Cost Cutter Saw Model C…

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