New Full-length Album from A Private Press

I’m proud to announce the release of the first full-length album made with my cohort, Nicola Dixon. After years spent working together in various indie-rock outfits, we set our sites on a different sound — something sincere, beautiful and sparse, but still richly textured. That effort resulted in a band called A Private Press, and an debut album called Risky. Imagine a very pure female vocal and lush electric guitar weaving curious tales of personal progress and change. Smooth, witty and biting, delivered on a human scale. We hope the album rewards the listener on multiple levels. Better yet, don’t imagine it. Listen to it.

My Band’s New EP Released

Listen to it. Buy it.

Goldbrick highlights Smiles, Everyone’s spirited command of art-rock theory and power pop punch. Jangly guitars layered over deft basslines and disciplined percussion create perfect structures for Nicola Dixon’s expansive vocal range and exquisite storytelling. Thematically, Goldbrick celebrates the awkward duality of living with a briefcase in one hand and a guitar case in the other. Smiles, Everyone capture this notion beautifully in their latest single Debbie Harry, an addictive, catchy gem that sets the pace for this impressive EP.

A microcosmic music history…

Bands, projects, demo recordings, performances and other audio activities in which I can remember being involved.

Peripatetic 1991
Ian Schaefer 2-track tape, 36in metal ruler, pyrex flask

Superluster 1992-93
Kay Rutherford vox
Ian Schaefer guitar

Antacid 1992-93
Ant Borgesi everything imaginable
Bil Johnson, Ian Schaefer, et al guitars, pots & pans

Luster 1993-94
Kay Rutherford vox
Ian Schaefer guitar
Ryan Johnson bass
Ant Borgesi drums, tape

Rat-a-tat-tat 1994
Ian Schaefer bass, guitar, loops

Skirt 1996-97
Nicola Dixon vox
Jesse Lundy guitar
Ian Schaefer bass
Ant Borgesi drums

The Fontanelles 1997-99
Nicola Dixon vox
Jesse Lundy guitar
Ian Schaefer bass
Ant Borgesi drums
Victor farfisa

The former Expendbles/Oyos Negros (precursor to Drink the Long Draught)
Bil Johnson songs and guitars
Ant Borgesi drums and stuff
Ian Schaefer bass and bits
Hear some early tracks on the Drink the Long Draught website

Drink the Long Draught
Bil Johnson, guitars
Ant Borgesi, drums and things
Nicola Dixon, vox
Ian Schaefer, basses and bits