Letterpress and Type Casting Items for Sale

The time has come for me to downsize my letterpress shop. I have too much equipment in my tiny shop and not enough space left over to pursue my varied creative interests. I still intend to maintain a print shop, but on a reduced scale.

While I have both printing and typecasting items on offer, this could be a particularly good opportunity for someone within driving distance of Lititz, PA to start or augment a small type foundry—as I’ve done you the favor or collecting high-quality Monotype equipment from all over the place. Or, to put it differently, a local sale would be very convenient for you and for me!

I’ll post inventory and asking prices here. In the meantime, here’s a run down of the key items…

Type foundry equipment.

  • One late-model British Monotype combination casting machine with unit-shift, unit adding, quadding and centring, display attachments, lead and rule attachment. Fully operational machine with electric melting pot and varigear drive from the famous Woodside Press in Brooklyn.
  • One rebuilt, late-model  British Monotype composition casting machine with display attachments. Fully functional machine with electric melting pot and varigear drive from the respected Heritage Printers in Charlotte, NC.
  • One British Monotype composition casting machine with electric pot and heavy gearbox. This unit came from the renown Mouldtype in the UK. Needs some work to be fully operational, but is complete.
  • Complete set of spare parts—enough to maintain the three good machines and still have enough left over to build a new machine from parts (well almost!).
  • Monotype composition keyboard.
  • A wide selection of keybars, stopbars and wedges.
  • All parts necessary to cast type from both Lanston (American) and Britsh monotype matrices (including a spare Lanston bridge, as well as virtually any type of foundry matrices. Several custom parts fabricated by Theo Rehak of the Dale Guild, who learned his craft at ATF.
  • All original Monotype tools: wrenches, spanners, pump piston extractor, microscope, spool winder, gauges. thermometer
  • Five gallons of original Monotype mould oil. (Really! It’s a lifetime supply.)
  • Moderate selection of casting matrices.
  • A few pigs of clean type metal. Couple hundred pounds of pi ready for remelt.
  • A mountain of documentation and manuals from 1916 though the 1980s.
  • 1930s Deckel pantographic engraving machine. Needs some work to be operational. (I was learning how to cut my own matrices, but just don’t have the time for it right now. SOLD.

Print shop equipment:

  • Chandler & Price ‘New Style’ 12 x 18 platen press. Belt-driven with 1 HP Kimble motor. Very clean and well maintained. Includes pony inker, three chases, 1 set of good rollers, spare set of roller cores.
  • Small Imposing table. Home-made but just right for this press.
  • Rouse Vertical Rotary Miterer
  • 19″ Morgans & Wilcox guillotine gutter
  • Kelsey Model U 5 x 8 hand platen press – like new, but rollers need recovering. Two chases.
  • CB Nelson Cost Cutter Model C printer’s saw.
  • Various hand tools of the trade.
  • Several sets of furniture and quoins suitable for small and large presses up to 12 x 18 or larger.
  • Two small manual proof presses
  • Copy press
  • Large variety of type in metal and wood
  • Flat files and ‘film’ cabinets/drying rack.

5 thoughts on “Letterpress and Type Casting Items for Sale”

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in some pieces of Monotype system like: case matrix, moulde …
    Can you send me pphotos and prices of this kind of material?

  2. Hi,
    I could be interested in your 16×17 Caster complete with a full kit of tools and if possible 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14pt composition moulds and a set of 14 to 36pt Display Moulds,

    These would be returning to England and the bridge etc. would all need to be for .918 type height.

    What can you supply, how much crated and delivered fob.

    Gordon Robson.

  3. I would be interested in your pigs of type metal. PLease let me know price per lb and shipping costs.

    Thank you,


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