Photos of the Second ‘Monotype’ Move

Returning from Heritage Printers, Charlotte, North Carolina

With the expert help of Bill Welliver and my numerous other helpers the new ‘Monotype’ Composition Caster acquired from Pat Taylor of Heritage Printers in Charlotte, NC, made it safely back to my shop in Lititz, PA, where it has been lavished with preparations for its new assignment.

Monotype Composition Caster is poised for unloading. Bill Welliver’s Thompson waits in the back of the truck.

Adam Martin’s hefty rollback makes it’s final approach.

Precision alignment.


Easy, now.

How tiny the Monotype Caster looks on the bed of this truck!


Tim Schaefer (my dad) steadies as I try to figure out the odd angle.

Alas, Bill Welliver with the come along to pull it off the bed of the rollback.

More come-along plus brute force.

Hey there’s Reed Dixon on the right. Where’d he come from? Good timing!

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  1. I served an apprenticeship in the UK and worked in CANADA back to UK the to AUSTRALIA i worked on monocaster machines all my life also super casters the bridge on the American caster is different than the english model and uses a slightly different matrix case if you would like to get in touch with me i would be happy to share any knowledge i have
    I had a good app. and learned how to strip and repair the machines
    Yors sincerely
    Denis Facey

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