Printing letterpress sleeves for Smiles, Everyone demo CD

Smiles, Everyone Demo CD Sleeves

Keeping with the do-it-yourself approach my band has taken to producing our demo, we’ve opted to print letterpress sleeves for the promo cd. Production is underway here at my print shop in Lititz. The photo shows a handful of the kraft board sleeves with the first of two colors laid down on the front panel. The sleeves are resting on the feed board of the 1916 Chandler & Price 12 x 18 press on which they were printed, and the magnesium letterpress cut (or block) for the red impression is in the foreground. A second, blue plate will soon be printed inside the red frame; track titles and miscellany will be printed on the back – also in red.

These discs will be distributed to clubs, promoters, and to the public at some sort of release party to be announced soon. Tracks are also available for your listening pleasure at the Smiles, Everyone website.

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