The Deckel Pantographic Engraving Machine

It is a small pedestal machine.

Friedrich Deckel. Type G.I. Machine No. 2751.

A close-up of the pantograph arms with engraved graduated scale.

The spindle mechanism.

The spindle is easily removed from the machine.

Top half of the spindle assembly, disassembled (gulp!)…

…and the bottom half of the spindle assembly. Spindle arbor and pulley should separate but are too tight to remove by hand.

16 thoughts on “The Deckel Pantographic Engraving Machine”

  1. I Have 1929 Deckel G0 pantograph i want to sell does any one have an idea what it might be worth? cheers Dean Crooks

  2. Hi Ahmad,
    I am sorry to say I don’t have any engraver parts available for sale. Good luck in your quest.

  3. Good day.

    I have a G1l Fredrich dekel machine but my problem is the markings on the arms have gone.
    i have tried numerous methods of trying to pull the detail from the metal with no luck.
    I have scoured the web looking for detailed drawings of the arms so that i can re-mark them but this too have been fruitless.
    Is there anyway i could get a detailed drawing / photo / sketch of the arms with their markings?
    if so please get in contact with me.


  4. Hi
    I have an old Deckel G1 Pantograph and I want to sell it.
    do you have any idea how much I could get for it?

    thank you

  5. please i will like to acquire the “pantograph arms with engraved graduated scale”. Please how do i go about it and how can i get it?

  6. Hello guys, did someone manage to get the drawing or sketch of the marking scale on pantograf arms?

  7. I’m looking for the ratio settings for the G1L pantograph. The machine has a vernier scale for setting the arms ratio.The book I have only gives me the setting with a vernier caliper. I just need a copy, email will work for me. Thanks Everett

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