The Typefoundry at the Private Press of Ian Schaefer

Monotype Foundry

I’ve been studying—albeit sporadically over the past several years—the design and manufacture of once-commonplace metal printing types. I hope that this section will someday reflect great progress in my efforts to establish a small, working typefoundry in my letterpress shop. Recently, a new ‘Monotype’ Compostition Caster was acquired for the foundry. There are some pictures of the successful move.

The Engraving Machine

Yet another project—an old pantographic engraving machine in need of a little attention. More here.

A ‘Monotype’ Disaster

On Tuesday, May 11, 2004, I received a long awaited shipment from Georgia. The freight was three pallets of machinery which I hoped would be my first ‘Monotype’ system, the centerpiece of which was a very fine and relatively new, British-made, 16 × 17 ‘Monotype’ Caster. Then, the story takes a horrible turn…Take a look at the pictures.

Typefoundry Inventory

Since the arrival of my second ‘Monotype’ machine, I’ve started to record an inventory of what’s in the foundry .

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